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Latest update January 20th 2019 New picture added.

Update January 1st 2019 New picture added

Update December 31st 2018 New picture added

Update April 4th 2018
New pictures added, index page and coding updated.

Latest update September 1st 2015
New pictures added for Gunmetal Black 15th Anniversary

Update May 7th 2013
Four new short stories added as the site undergoes some major updates.

Update May 11th 2012
New short story added, new pictures on fanarts, mecha and art gallery pages.

Febuary 1st 2013
Coming soon - new stories and pictures.

Update July 17th 2011 - New short story - Ripples In The Pool - added.

Update June 27th 2011 - new pictures in art gallery and fanarts, two new short stories and Chapters 5 and 6 of Gunmetal Black 6 added.

Update June 15th 2011 - new index picture added and more to come soon.

Update October 11th 2009 - Gunmetal Black 6 Chapter 3 added. New pictures added to fanart, mecha and art gallery.

Update October 9th 2009 - Gunmetal Black 6 Chapter 4 added. New menu picture added.

December 13th 2007 - Gunmetal Black 6 Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 added.

Update October 18th 2007 - new index picture added.

Update June 10th 2007- new fanart and pictures added.

Update December 10th 2006 - Chapters 13 and 14 of Gunmetal Black 5 added.

Update December 31st 2006 - Chapter 15 and Epilogue of Gunmetal Black 5 add.

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